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  1. What Comes Next is the Future

    Oh, a mix of history and the Web!

  2. Less Apps, One Week In

    Sticking with web apps.

  3. Hypertext

    Embrace the link.

  4. What to Consider When the Platforms Show Up with Money

    Social networks can’t replace your own domain.

  5. App Overload

    Trying to start over with apps.

  6. Why I Love Working with the Web

    The Web represents this giant book that we’re all writing and learning from.

  7. Ensuring a High Performing Web for the Next Billion People

    A talk that touches on all the parts of the Web that we know have nearly limitless potential, but that we haven’t yet figured out how to do well consistently.

  8. The Slow Web

    Be mindful of what you do each day.

  9. A Brief History of Web Design

    I want that intense, personal exploration and sharing back.

  10. How Future-Safe are Your Ideas?

    Hint, post on your own domain.

  11. Space Jam Forever

    One of my favorite historical websites.

  12. New Browser Features, Interoperability, Craft, and the Future of the Web

    The Web has beauty in its wildness.

  13. As We May Link

    The smallest tag is the best tag.

  14. Flash is Dead

    Delivered from Strong Bad himself.

  15. Erase and Rewind: A Tale of Innovation and Patience

    The Web is the Web. Unique.

  16. Publishing Versus Performance: Our Struggle for the Soul of the Web

    Give us more cooperation, experimentation, failure and patience.

  17. Responsive Design: Where Do We Go From Here?

    These things help each other.

  18. The Web is Not Poor Man’s Native

    The web does not need to emulate native to provide a powerful, vibrant app ecosystem.

  19. This Web App Best Viewed By Someone Else

    What we too often dismiss as edge cases are real people who may very much want or even legitimately need to use what we create.

  20. Web! What is it Good For?

    The web power lies in its universality.

  21. Choosing Performance

    It begins with culture.

  22. Websites as Art

    How do websites really last?

  23. Explaining Web Design

    What is it that I do?

  24. Art Direction and Creativity on the Web in 2015

    It should be easier to be creative on the web.

  25. Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Medium?

    It’s always about finding readers.

  26. Hope for the Open Web

    Keep it open.

  27. The Long Web

    Bigger and better than the greatest library?

  28. Zen and the Art of Wearable Markup

    Worry less about devices.

  29. Privacy is at a Crossroads

    Which road will we take?

  30. FCC Votes for Net Neutrality

    Great news for the open web.

  31. Apple, Standards and the Open Web

    Why won’t Apple play well with others?

  32. We Suck at HTTP

    Let’s talk about some of the inner workings of the web.

  33. The Group That Rules the Web

    Getting vs. doing.

  34. Just Renting

    What exactly is hosting?

  35. The Tilde Club

    We need more weird ideas out there.

  36. Relaunching The Early Web

    It all started here.

  37. IndieWeb Member

    Tinkering with taking control of all the things.

  38. The Once and Future IndieWeb

    The siloed web has set a trap for us.

  39. Microsoft’s First Web Page

    One web page can teach us a lot.

  40. Why the Web is Dead

    Maybe apps are all hype?

  41. The Changing Web

    The web always changes.

  42. The Battle for the Web

  43. Apps vs. The Web

    It’s complicated.

  44. Help Stop SOPA and PIPA

    This could be bad.

  45. The Web Can Cost a Little Bit

    I’m cool with paying for web services. No, really, I am.

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