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  1. How to Learn Technical Things

    Give it time.

  2. The Story Behind .io

    It’s easy to forget the implications of the choices we make with our buying power.

  3. The First Librarian of Congress for the Internet Age

    Information will be a little different.

  4. A Look Back at the Mother of All Demos

    The thing that gave us the computer mouse and more.

  5. Apps vs. The Web

    It’s complicated.

  6. One Month with the Kindle Fire

    What’s the Kindle Fire like? Solid.

  7. Steve Jobs on Content and Technology

    Content and technology need to come together.

  8. Steve Jobs Retires

    A few thoughts on Jobs, and his legacy.

  9. A Few More Predictions for the iPad

    Some maybe, not-so-true predictions for the iPad.

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