Introducing Theme User Experience Requirements

At Automattic this year, we’ve focused heavily on improving people’s experience using themes on It’s one reason we introduced the TUX List, a set of theme user experience requirements. Putting these best practices into your themes on and elsewhere means anyone using them will have an easier time getting to what they really want to […]

Hidden Expectations

Over the years I’ve come to realize that most difficult part of making websites isn’t the code, it’s the “hidden expectations”, the unseen aspects I didn’t know were my responsibility when I started: Accessibility, Security, Performance, and Empathy. Dave Rupert in Hidden Expectations. Dave Rupert writes about the responsibilities that come with building websites – the […]

The Future Mundane

Nick Foster, a creative director and industrial designer, recently gave a talk at dConstruct called The Future Mundane. You should watch it. He talks about a design approach where you need to think about designing for others besides your ideal user, designing for how your “thing” interacts with other things, and designing for how it might […]

An Event Apart DC 2015: Day Two

Day two of An Event Apart DC 2015 kicked off with Brad Frost introducing us to a different way to create the pieces that make up the sites we build. As he went on, and speakers took the stage after him, I started to notice an overarching message forming from these separate presentations. We need to […]