From Community Generosity to a Full-Time Job

One video game artist, Bryan Shannon found a new way to make a living in video games – using one of my favorite, new games:

Right now, 233 members of the Cities: Skylines community are paying him to create new content for the game, to the tune of $735 per building created. He’s not working for a developer, and he’s not working for himself; instead, he’s working for a small subset of devoted Cities: Skylines players that want to share his work with the world.

Check out How a Cities: Skylines modder turned community generosity into a full-time job for the full story. I haven’t tried out any of the modding portions of Cities yet, but I imagine I will once my city becomes larger. I could see modding as adding the final touches to a masterpiece or as a way to show your personal style.

Cities: Skylines Tips and Tricks from Skye Storme

I’ve played a ton of Sim City through its various iterations, and like many, I disliked the latest game in the series. I was excited to see newcomer to the city builder genre, Cities: Skylines, receive lots of positive press. I needed my city fix, and I’m enjoying it a lot so far! It stays true to a city builder’s roots, but adds its own flair in spots.

For tips on the ins and ots of strategic, but fun city building in Skyline, I recommend watching Skye Storme’s YouTube channel. Check out his playlist, Cities: Skylines – Building Manhattan – Gameplay/Tips, for everything you need to know about the intricacies of this new city builder.

MAGFest 13

I attended my first MAGFest, a music and gaming festival, this weekend and had a blast. A few friends have gone for several years, but I always skipped it. This year, I’m glad I finally decided to go.

Bit Brigade playing through Metroid while rocking out at MAGFest 13
Bit Brigade playing through Metroid while rocking out at MAGFest 13.

I played Super Mario Brothers and Tecmo Super Bowl on the old-school Nintendo and enjoyed listening to The Megas and Bit Brigade live. Watching Bit Brigade’s lead singer plow through Metroid while they played a set was epic.

Playing Fútbol Forever with four players at MAGFest 13
Playing Fútbol Forever with four players at MAGFest 13.

I had the most fun playing Fútbol Forever, a table top space soccer arcade game still in development. It’s frustratingly hard, but so satisfying, fun as hell and will make you yell at the screen in anger and elation all in the same match. So good!

I’m already excited for next year’s MAGFest – I think I’m hooked.

Don’t Console Me

Steam’s big holiday sale started yesterday. Like most Steam sales, I still have games I bought from the last sale I haven’t played yet. 🙂 But that’s okay. I also have an XBox 360 I haven’t touched in awhile. That’s better than okay.

I grew up as a hardcore console gamer, owning and/or playing almost every system since the Commodore 64. The Xbox 360 may be my last. Well, except for maybe a Steam Box. No games on the consoles excite me. Nothing exist there that I can’t find on my gaming PC. I bought an Xbox 360 because of Gears of War. I don’t see that type of lure now.

I purchased my gaming PC about 18 months ago and love it. Games are cheaper, more plentiful, and the platform comes with more flexibility. Now I just need a bigger hard drive or more hard drives to store more games. Part of me misses the types of memories I formed around consoles when I was a kid, but I think I’m just fine without them. Don’t console me.