Cities: Skylines Tips and Tricks from Skye Storme

I’ve played a ton of Sim City through its various iterations, and like many, I disliked the latest game in the series. I was excited to see newcomer to the city builder genre, Cities: Skylines, receive lots of positive press. I needed my city fix, and I’m enjoying it a lot so far! It stays […]

MAGFest 13

I attended my first MAGFest, a music and gaming festival, this weekend and had a blast. A few friends have gone for several years, but I always skipped it. This year, I’m glad I finally decided to go. I played Super Mario Brothers and Tecmo Super Bowl on the old-school Nintendo and enjoyed listening to The Megas […]

Don’t Console Me

Steam’s big holiday sale started yesterday. Like most Steam sales, I still have games I bought from the last sale I haven’t played yet. 🙂 But that’s okay. I also have an XBox 360 I haven’t touched in awhile. That’s better than okay. I grew up as a hardcore console gamer, owning and/or playing almost […]