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  1. Goodbye Firebug

    This tool helped me learn so much about HTML and CSS.

  2. The Power of the Web

    Progressive enhancement, like most principles on the Web doesn’t have an always-optimal approach.

  3. What is React?

    What will React teach us?

  4. One Way to Learn JavaScript Deeply

    Some tips on diving into JS.

  5. Progressive Enhancement is

    Progressive enhancement is quality.

  6. Being a Developer After 40

    Getting good can come at any time.

  7. jQuery’s Relevancy

    Do I really need to use jQuery for this?

  8. Steal This Talk

    Trust each other more and work together for far greater impact.

  9. Remembering the Everyday Developer

    Pay attention to the raw materials, and tech yourself.

  10. What is Code?

    Let’s find out how this code thing works.

  11. The Web is Not Poor Man’s Native

    The web does not need to emulate native to provide a powerful, vibrant app ecosystem.

  12. Developers Should Design

    Stretching your boundaries means growth.

  13. Accessibility Problems are Quality Problems

    Accessibility is about quality.

  14. Screen Reader Tips for Web Designers and Developers

    Get started with a screen reader now.

  15. Developer Fitness

    We have to keep our developer fitness level as high as we can.

  16. Testing for Web Accessibility in 60 Seconds

    New to accessibility with no time. No problem, this can help.

  17. Good Coding Habits for Accessibility

    Quality often comes down to habits.

  18. Combat Image Attachment Spam in WordPress

    A hopefully handy tip for imge-heavy sites.

  19. Writing Stories and Code

    They’re very similar.

  20. WordPress Plugin Created by 10-Year-Old

    It’s good to start young!

  21. WordPress Sitemap with Custom Post Types

    Let’s make a sitemap with a bit of PHP.

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