Ad Hoc's Accessibility Playbook

Published on by David A. Kennedy

Last week, my colleagues and I at Ad Hoc launched an accessibility playbook. If you have the time, give it a read.

We’ve geared it toward government agencies and civic tech organizations, but I bet anyone new to accessibility would find it useful. We hope it can better equip teams with actionable practices that can help approaching accessibility as a given rather than a compliance measure.

I loved working on this project for many reasons:

  • My colleagues at Ad Hoc, especially in the accessibility space, made collaborating on this a blast. I’m proud of what we’ve released, even though it’s only the first version.
  • I got to think a lot about how to approach accessibility for those new to it and at an organizational level. Something that I enjoy beyond measure.
  • The key questions and common barriers with counterplays mesh a high-level view with actionable advice people can use now.

I’m looking forward to helping evolve the playbook over time.

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