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  1. Goodbye Accessible Zen

    Letting an important side project go.

  2. Theme Team in Warsaw, 2018

    Going deep on design.

  3. Theme Team in Hawaii, 2017

    Styling in Hawaii.

  4. Themers in a Photo – Grand Meetup, 2017 Edition

    Another visit to the mountains of Canada.

  5. Accessibility Weekly Featured in WebAIM August 2017 Newsletter

    Meta goal reached.

  6. The Future of Underscores

    Things look bright for one of my favorite open source projects.

  7. The Future of Accessibility Weekly

    Okay, let’s make this really weekly.

  8. Theme Team in Montréal, 2017

    Pass the poutine.

  9. Twenty Seventeen on

    The finish line after the finish line.

  10. Theme Team in Barcelona, 2016

    A Theme Team meetup in Spain.

  11. Dear Twenty Seventeen Contributors

    Thank you everyone!

  12. Behind the Scenes of Themes with David Kennedy

    A peek at what I do at with WordPress themes.

  13. Twenty Seventeen in Trunk

    Look out, committing in WordPress.

  14. Skywalk Trail on Rainbow Mountain

    One long hike.

  15. Automattic Grand Meetup 2016

    Automattic Grand Meetup no. three.

  16. Hello Twenty Seventeen

    Whoa, I’m leading this thing.

  17. Introducing Theme User Experience Requirements

    Putting these best practices into your themes on and elsewhere means anyone using them will have an easier time getting to what they really want to do.

  18. Accessible Zen: Version 1.2

    New version of Accessible Zen released.

  19. ThemeShaper v. 2016

    A new look for ThemeShaper.

  20. Theme Team in Vancouver, 2016

    Last week, the Theme Team, my team at Automattic, spent the week in Vancouver.

  21. Speaking at WordPress D.C. on Themes and UX

    Speaking about UX and themes at the next WordPress DC.

  22. Meet Components

    A WordPress theme starter project to make creating different types of themes easier.

  23. WordPress 4.4 and More

    Really enjoying being a part of this community.

  24. Theme Wranglers in Lisbon, 2015

    Some photos with fellow Theme Wranglers, my team at Automattic, in Lisbon Portugal.

  25. Accessibility Weekly: One Month In

    It’s happening!

  26. Speaking at WordCamp US 2015

    Excited to be talking about UX at WordCamp US.

  27. A Bunch of Themers in One Photo

    My team takes good, silly photos.

  28. Park City, Utah

    A few photos from a walk around Park City, Utah.

  29. The Holly Trail at Canyons Resort

    A few photos from my hike yesterday of the Holly Trail at the Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah.

  30. Accessible Zen Featured on

    Catching a bit of the spotlight.

  31. A11y Weekly Launched

    A newsletter to help bring accessibility into your everyday work.

  32. One Year at Automattic

    So far, so much fun at Automattic.

  33. The Year of Accessibility in WordPress

    We made lots of progress this year.

  34. Meet Twenty Sixteen

    The newest default WordPress theme has turned into one of my favorites.

  35. WordPress Core Contributor Streak

    Let’s keep this going.

  36. A11y Weekly

    Okay, I’m starting a newsletter.

  37. Featured in WebAIM July 2015 Newsletter

    I scored a hat trick on this.

  38. Ten Years of Automattic

    Been at this awhile.

  39. Inside Automattic’s Remote Hiring Process

    It’s all about text.

  40. Let WordPress Speak

    This new API in WordPress helps people who use assistive technology in a huge way.

  41. Accessible Zen: Version 1.1.5

    New version of Accessible Zen released.

  42. News for Betty + Accessibility Hackathon

    Hacking for better accessibility.

  43. Is This Venue Accessible?

    This is why I made an accessible WordPress theme.

  44. Accessible Theme Pattern Library Off and Running

    Building this thing one brick at a time.

  45. Gulp JS File for WordPress Themes

    Make the robots do it.

  46. Building a Strong Foundation with Keyboard Accessibility

    It all starts with your keyboard.

  47. TDiv in Hawaii 2015

    My first team meetup at Automattic in photos.

  48. Up Your Theming Game by Reviewing Themes

    Get better by reviewing other people’s work.

  49. WordPress Theme Pattern Library for Accessibility in Development

    Making it easier to make accessible WordPress sites.

  50. WordPress 4.1 “Dinah”

    I contributed a few things to this release.

  51. New Theme: Twenty Fifteen

    There’s a new default WordPress theme.

  52. Featured in WebAIM November 2014 Newsletter

    Accessibility Tunnel Vision featured in the WebAIM newsletter.

  53. Twenty Fifteening

    Trying out a new WordPress theme on my site.

  54. My Automattic Story: How I Got Here

    How I landed at Automattic, and what I learned along the way.

  55. Accessibility-Ready Intergalactic and Bosco Hit

    More accessible WordPress themes.

  56. Featured in WebAIM September 2014 Newsletter

    One of my blog posts was featured in one of my favorite places on the web.

  57. First Grand Meetup

    My first Automattic Grand Meetup, in photos.

  58. Joining Automattic

    Landed a dream job.

  59. Speaking at Code(Her) 2014

    Time to teach testing for accessibility.

  60. Accessible Zen on ProfHacker

    Accessible Zen featured on an education blog.

  61. First Multi-file WordPress Core Patch

    My first big patch for WordPress=

  62. Lessons from Building an Accessible WordPress Theme

    A summary of a talk I gave at WordCamp Lancaster in 2014.

  63. Accessible Zen: Now in French

    The first translation of my WordPress theme into a different language.

  64. Recent Accessible Zen Updates

    Some minor updates to Accessible Zen.

  65. Where Automated Accessibility Testing Meets WordPress and Drupal

    All about automated testing, accessibility and how the Drupal and WordPress Accessibility teams are collaborating.

  66. Logged into WordPress; Saw This

    My first code contribution to WordPress Core.

  67. WordCamp Lancaster 2014 Talk

    My first WordCamp, both as an attendee and speaker.

  68. Accessible Zen Reaches 1.1

    Another release of Accessible Zen.

  69. Issue No. 300

    Diving into open source.

  70. Need a Menu on Top in Accessible Zen?

    A new feature for Accessible Zen.

  71. Updates to Accessible Zen Since 1.0

    More updates to Accessible Zen.

  72. Accessibility Camp DC 2013 Talk

    Time to share some of what I learned.

  73. Accessible Zen Hits 1.0

    Seems solid.

  74. Accessible Zen Reaches Beta

    Getting better with each release.

  75. Accessible Zen: Version 0.1-alpha-4 Available

    Another release on Accessible Zen.

  76. Accessibility is War and How to Win It

    How to be an accessibility champion from within.

  77. Why Accessibility Matters

    Short answer: Accessibility helps everyone.

  78. Quick Wins for Accessible WordPress Themes

    The basis for a lightning talk on accessible WordPress theming.

  79. Accessible Zen: Version 0.1-alpha-3 Available

    Designing and bug fixing on Accessible Zen.

  80. Introducing Accessible Zen: An Accessible WordPress Theme

    I made a publicly available WordPress theme.

  81. New Paying for College Launched

    My first launch for the U.S. government.

  82. Idea Box: My First Open Source Project with the CFPB

    An app to take your ideas, of course.

  83. What’s Next

    Time for a new professional challenge.

  84. Cities Made the Latest WebAxe Podcast

    Building accessible WordPress themes gains some momentum.

  85. Joining the Cities Project

    We need more accessible WordPress themes.

  86. What Do You Need in an Accessible WordPress Theme?

    I’m making an accessible WordPress theme.

  87. Accessibility: Why it Matters

    The slides for a presentation I gave on why accessibility is important.

  88. WordPress Sitemap with Custom Post Types

    Let’s make a sitemap with a bit of PHP.

  89. Creating Content: Finding It Around Every Corner

    A presentation about content creation for WordPress DC.

  90. Social Media: What’s on the Menu?

    I took part in a panrl about social media in the nonprofit space.

  91. Sometimes You Just Have to Run the Race

    I’m joining The Arc of the United States, working on its website.

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