My Missing Reading Habit

Published on by David A. Kennedy

Even though I didn’t put it on my list of habits this year, I want to read more. I trimmed my list at the start of the year, but haven’t made any progress. No books completed yet.

When I sit down to read, I stumble from Twitter link to Twitter link, from blog to blog. This counts as reading, of course, but doesn’t add up to something bigger and end with a grander destination like a book. I like reading Twitter accounts and personal blogs because their tied to real people. I don’t have to hold my attention on any one thing, like facts, a plot or a collection of characters, for too long. In reading books, I usually lose touch with these things because I lose my momentum thanks to large gaps between reading. Sometimes, it’s because I try to read multiple books, and sometimes I just get bored.

How do I solve this and enable myself to read more books. Like my other explorations in minimalism, I’m going to:

  • read one book at a time.
  • keep a running list.
  • try to set aside an hour a day, divided into 30-minute slots for reading.

We’ll see how it goes. I’ll try to post an update on this in the summer.

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