Hello CrossFit, It's Been One Year

Published on by David A. Kennedy

Dave performs push presses during the 2013 CrossFit Games.

I started CrossFit one year ago. I can’t believe that much time has passed already, a sign that CrossFit has stuck and changed me in a big way.

It’s given me the perfect balance between strength and cardio. It’s provided a way to satisfy my urge to compete. It’s helped me pay better attention to my health. And it’s something my wife and I can do together.

During the past year I’ve learned CrossFit isn’t so much about reps, sets or the amount of weight on the bar, but about finding your limit and pushing past it. After a recent workout, I mentioned to a coach that I felt like I wasn’t progressing enough.

“That’s because your limit changes constantly,” he said.

So far this year, I’ve already completed two of my three major goals: I did my first rope climb and I recorded a personal best in the deadlift, 235 pounds. I hope to keep pushing the limit forward in the next year and beyond.

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