Skye is One

Published on by David A. Kennedy

A few weeks ago, my daughter turned one. She’s just started walking, waving and beginning to show her personality. She surprises us each day in so many wonderful ways.

When you have a child, you know they’ll change you. But you don’t really know. I know now because many of the little things I use to stress over, or that may have given me pause, do not any longer. Petty arguments, old grudges, material things, etc. I shrug them off more easily, thanks to Skye.

You gain a clearer, tighter perspective as a parent. If you don’t, the lessons, values and practices you wish to impart on your child won’t have as much influence. I know I will be far from perfect, but I want to do the best I can.

I heard a parent recently describe his job as a father as “…the most important work I do every day.” Of course! I knew that before, but after a year, I really know it. I see that work, feel it, and touch it every day. And soon, it will start talking! 🙂

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