A Guide to Parenting

One of my fellow Automatticians announced today that he and his wife expect a baby in the coming months. I’m thrilled for him. They have an amazing journey ahead. Part of our conversation included my guide to parenting, in four easy steps! You will be entering a period where everyone you talk to, strangers included, […]

Skye is One

A few weeks ago, my daughter turned one. She’s just started walking, waving and beginning to show her personality. She surprises us each day in so many wonderful ways. When you have a child, you know they’ll change you. But you don’t really know. I know now because many of the little things I use […]

Happy Birthday Skye

My daughter, Skye, turned six-months-old yesterday! It feels like I held her for the first time in the hospital just yesterday. I love watching her grow in all the millions of ways she does each day. Notable recent milestones include having her first two teeth come in, discovering her toes and trying to stand even though […]

Being a Dad

A few days ago, my daughter turned eight weeks old. So naturally, that qualifies me to write a post about being a dad. Most of what I’ve learned and experienced isn’t anything new to most dads, only new to me. But maybe you’ll find some of this helpful or humorous. What I know: The first […]