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  1. Front End Design, WordPress Themes and the Future

    If you work on WordPress themes, your role will evolve.

  2. The Promise of Gutenberg: Themes as More Design, Less Baggage

    This changes everything.

  3. The Next Chapter for Themes

    Customers want their sites to look just right. They don’t want to learn a theme.

  4. Twenty Seventeen on

    The finish line after the finish line.

  5. Themers as Shipbuilders

    I want you to sail them.

  6. Contributing to Twenty Seventeen

    Sami shares some good advice.

  7. Behind the Scenes of Themes with David Kennedy

    A peek at what I do at with WordPress themes.

  8. Twenty Seventeen in Trunk

    Look out, committing in WordPress.

  9. Hello Twenty Seventeen

    Whoa, I’m leading this thing.

  10. What We Look for in Themes for

    Have a better chance of getting a premium theme on

  11. Introducing Theme User Experience Requirements

    Putting these best practices into your themes on and elsewhere means anyone using them will have an easier time getting to what they really want to do.

  12. Themers, Themes and the Content Creation in WordPress

    A few fun WordPress questions to think about.

  13. Goodbye Thematic

    Thematic taught me so much.

  14. Display a Featured, Featured Image in WordPress

    I wrote a tutorial about featured images on ThemeShaper.

  15. A Collection of WordPress Theme Review Tips

    A few tips on reviewing WordPress themes for quality.

  16. Meet Components

    A WordPress theme starter project to make creating different types of themes easier.

  17. Learn More About Themes and User Experience

    WordPress themes are for users.

  18. WordPress 4.4 and More

    Really enjoying being a part of this community.

  19. Theme History and WordPress

    A dive into the history of premium themes, Kubrick and more.

  20. You and the Future of WordPress Themes

    Designers in the WordPress community should release more theme design ideas.

  21. Theming with the REST API

    A new way to theme, perhaps?

  22. How to Create Better, More Accessible WordPress Themes

    Detailed and thoughtful, plus it’s not as hard as you might think.

  23. Theme, Don’t be My Everything

    Don’t do too much in one go.

  24. Gulp JS File for WordPress Themes

    Make the robots do it.

  25. Building a Strong Foundation with Keyboard Accessibility

    It all starts with your keyboard.

  26. Up Your Theming Game by Reviewing Themes

    Get better by reviewing other people’s work.

  27. WordPress Theme Pattern Library for Accessibility in Development

    Making it easier to make accessible WordPress sites.

  28. Lessons from Building an Accessible WordPress Theme

    A summary of a talk I gave at WordCamp Lancaster in 2014.

  29. What Should Twenty Fifteen Look Like?

    Thinking about the next default WordPress theme.

  30. Quick Wins for Accessible WordPress Themes

    The basis for a lightning talk on accessible WordPress theming.

  31. The Why of WordPress Themes

    When to use different types of themes in WordPress.

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