Number 36

Published on by David A. Kennedy

Today, I turned 36. Older? Yep. Wiser? Maybe a little. Having more fun? Definitely.

No year has changed me more than the last. I became a dad to a wonderful daughter who surprises me every day. I landed a dream job for Automattic, working on projects I’m passionate about. I picked up CrossFit again after a brief hiatus, missing it more than I imagined. Everywhere I turn I see challenges worth tackling because they’ll make me a better person at the end of them.

This year’s celebration ended up laid-back because both my wife and I are getting over being sick. I still managed a birthday shot of whiskey and a glass of celebratory champagne. I also watched my daughter stand up countless times – she’s about 10-months-old and learning how to do that quickly. That’s a good birthday if you ask me!

This year’s big lesson? Don’t be afraid to go into the unknown toward what matters. We create the darkest parts of the unknown because of our own fears. The rest is either success or failure, two experiences always worth reaching.

So far, I’m excited about the habits I’m working on this year. I’m writing more. Cooking more. Cooking, I know – it’s surprising. Plus, I’m contributing more to the WordPress community. Amid all this creating, I’m trying to simplify. So far, I’ve ditched two-thirds of my old books, donated a bunch of old clothes and purged thousands of old emails I didn’t need. I’m looking forward to a year where I’m less tied down by the things that don’t matter.

What all the big things that happened in the last year, it’s hard to imagine what’s next. No matter, I’ll be going forward, more inspired, and with a lighter load. Bottoms up.

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