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  1. Goodbye Accessible Zen

    Letting an important side project go.

  2. Remembering Accessible Joe

    Joe taught me so much by what he created.

  3. Accessible Zen: Version 1.2

    New version of Accessible Zen released.

  4. Accessible Zen Featured on

    Catching a bit of the spotlight.

  5. You and the Future of WordPress Themes

    Designers in the WordPress community should release more theme design ideas.

  6. Accessible Zen: Version 1.1.5

    New version of Accessible Zen released.

  7. Is This Venue Accessible?

    This is why I made an accessible WordPress theme.

  8. Accessible Zen on ProfHacker

    Accessible Zen featured on an education blog.

  9. Lessons from Building an Accessible WordPress Theme

    A summary of a talk I gave at WordCamp Lancaster in 2014.

  10. Accessible Zen: Now in French

    The first translation of my WordPress theme into a different language.

  11. Recent Accessible Zen Updates

    Some minor updates to Accessible Zen.

  12. WordCamp Lancaster 2014 Talk

    My first WordCamp, both as an attendee and speaker.

  13. Accessible Zen Reaches 1.1

    Another release of Accessible Zen.

  14. Need a Menu on Top in Accessible Zen?

    A new feature for Accessible Zen.

  15. Updates to Accessible Zen Since 1.0

    More updates to Accessible Zen.

  16. Accessibility Camp DC 2013 Talk

    Time to share some of what I learned.

  17. Accessible Zen Hits 1.0

    Seems solid.

  18. Accessible Zen Reaches Beta

    Getting better with each release.

  19. Accessible Zen: Version 0.1-alpha-4 Available

    Another release on Accessible Zen.

  20. Accessible Zen: Version 0.1-alpha-3 Available

    Designing and bug fixing on Accessible Zen.

  21. Hello Accessible Zen

    It’s only right that I use the theme I made.

  22. Introducing Accessible Zen: An Accessible WordPress Theme

    I made a publicly available WordPress theme.

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