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  1. Publishing Versus Performance: Our Struggle for the Soul of the Web

    Give us more cooperation, experimentation, failure and patience.

  2. One Journalism Student on the Job She’ll Never Have

    It’s tough out there.

  3. News for Betty + Accessibility Hackathon

    Hacking for better accessibility.

  4. Empathy Can Fix the Modern Newsroom

    Move mindfully, and fix things.

  5. The Facebook Reconing

    A tough go for journalism.

  6. John Oliver vs Miss America

    Investigative journalism and satire in one go.

  7. What Really Happened to the News?

    Storytelling about storytelling.

  8. Beta USA Today Site Truly Different

    The new USA Today redesign looks cool.

  9. Being Social Needs Real People

    Let’s see if people like people behind social media accounts?

  10. Journalism Lives just Launched

    I launched a new blog about interactivity and the news industry.

  11. The Newspaper of the Future

    The app for Apollo News looks cool.

  12. How Does an Engagement Editor Engage?

    Just what would an engagement editor do?

  13. Three Awesome Examples of Interactive Media Stories

    A few of my favorite examples of interactive media stories.

  14. Why the iPad could Cripple the Internet and Newspapers

    If the iPad fosters a closed system, could that be bad for the Internet and publishers?

  15. The Print vs. New Media Debate

    Maybe it’s newspapers vs. cell phones.

  16. 7 Free Tools for Creating Multimedia Websites

    Some of my favorite tools for creating websites.

  17. Does Google Help or Hurt Traditional Media?

    It’s complicated, but Google will continue to push back on traditional media.

  18. Do People Really Care About Journalism’s Struggles?

    No, not really and here’s why.

  19. Can Multimedia Save Journalism?

    What multimedia can offer journalism.

  20. Interactivity Defined

    How would you define interactivity?

  21. What if Newspaper Home Pages were like iGoogle?

    A prototype for the Knight News Challenge about newspapers and iGoogle.

  22. Five Tips on Producing Award-Winning Multimedia Content

    Michael Radutzky on five ways to produce award-winning content.

  23. Seven Amazing Digital Storytelling Websites

    Sharing some of my favorite digital storytelling websites.

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